Is now a good time to buy bitcoins?

If you’ve been following the news at all over the past month or so, you’ve no doubt seen a story or two about Bitcoin. For years, this cryptocurrency has been a favorite among fans of Magic The Gathering and those who want to get rid of chemical addiction without waiting for the authorities.

However, every day Bitcoin is penetrating the mainstream markets and is poised to become a real alternative to government-issued money. In addition to all this, there is a steadily growing Bitcoin “stock exchange” that brings smart traders a fortune. Could you be one of those day traders? Will Your Favorite Online Store Ever Accept Bitcoin? Let’s take a look below so you can better understand why you should buy Bitcoin now.

At the moment, exchange rates are favorable

Most people who decide to buy bitcoins do so for the value of the investment. A little over a year ago, bitcoins were worth about $40 each. The currency hit an all-time high of around $206 last month and is currently holding steady in the $100 range. Wealth was made by buying bitcoins and selling them at the right time.

Bitcoin’s mini-bubble burst last month, and that scared off a few novice investors; but it is actually a consistent phenomenon. It is important to understand that every time a currency recovers, it jumps to an even greater value. He is volatile; but very profitable. Additionally, due to the limited supply of bitcoins, the value is expected to continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

New sites are accepting bitcoins every day

But what is driving this growth? This is not just a guess, it will lead to the collapse of Bitcoin like many other cryptocurrencies of the past. Bitcoin survives and continues to grow because it is actually accepted on the internet. This is currently limited to single outlets. Online clothing stores, service providers (coding, design, etc.) and other “novelties” still make up the majority of Bitcoin users; but they are only the first wave.

PayPal is currently trying to find a way to incorporate Bitcoin into its current model, and that could mean partner eBay isn’t far behind. This will lead to an explosion of Bitcoin usage on the Internet. But there’s also an offline presence, with the first Bitcoin ATM opening earlier this month. Earlier this week, content aggregation site Reddit posted a picture of a store that had its own “We Accept Bitcoins” sticker. The only thing holding them back was better implementation.

Bitcoin is still in the “ground floor” stage.

The most important reason why you should buy Bitcoin is that this currency is still on the ground floor. All indicators indicate that the currency is in for a significant jump in value and realization in the near future. Those who have already invested in Bitcoin and those who will jump in soon will see a great return on their investment.

Will you make a wise choice, or will you be kicking yourself for missing out on the next big deal?